It's the Booze Talkin', Stop talking Evil Dead 4 with Bruce and just do it!

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When I was very young and in school, one of my favorite things to do when I stayed home sick (“cough, cough”) was to watch movies. And of course, there was one flick that was a staple of mine, something that I’d watch repeatedly. While I loved the original THE EVIL DEAD, for some reason, EVIL DEAD 2 was my jam. The groovy comedic violence and the insane visual effects all grabbed my attention every single time. And then there was Mr. Bruce Campbell. The dude was legendary to me. The humor, the chainsaw hand, the tree that had very sinister intentions… it all made for a glorious genre experience. In fact, I loved this flick so much, the VHS tape - remember those - that I’d watch it on came very close to facing its own dark demise. Thankfully, DVD came along, but I’ll never forget having to rewind that damn tape so I could watch it the next time I didn’t feel like going to school.

The EVIL DEAD franchise is one of my favorites. From the amazing Mr. Campbell to the insane camera work, these flicks hold a special place in my heart. Even when I grew older, I found that the first film, and ARMY OF DARKNESS, all become hugely influential in my appreciation for cinema. What Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert created way back in 1981 inspired countless lovers of horror to make their own movies. This franchise helped make a genre star with its anti-hero Ash, and it’s still appreciated to this day. As simple and perhaps crude as the original film is, the legacy that it left feels just as fresh and wonderful today as it did back then. Perhaps even more so with home video and collectibles becoming such an important part of the world of horror. And here we are, still waiting for another sequel. But wait!? Word is that Raimi would love to direct another EVIL DEAD flick with Bruce as Ash?!? I feel like we’ve heard this record played a few too many times before.

It's the Booze Talkin, The Evil Dead, Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, horror, sequel, JoBlo.com, AITH, Arrow in the HeadHere’s the thing, this isn’t a case of a cool Eighties flick that everybody loved, but never had a sequel or a remake. In fact, the 2013 remake is perhaps one of the best examples of how to recreate the magic of a classic. Fede Alvarez did an outstanding job of giving us a story that built off the original film in a satisfying way, and it still worked as a modern horror feature. Jane Levy was badass in the leading role, and the gruesome bloodshed offered some of the most intense on-screen horror of the previous decade. And if that wasn’t enough, Starz gave old school fans something to salivate over with the weekly series Ash vs. Evil Dead. Bruce was back, and he had a solid team of support from folks like Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, Lucy Lawless and even Lee Majors. While the series ended in 2018, the lust for a little gruesome deadite madness isn’t even close to gone.

We recently reported that Sam Raimi is once again talking about returning to EVIL DEAD to possibly make another sequel. This time, he was doing an interview on Reddit for his latest producing effort, THE GRUDGE. However, all the talk about bringing Bruce back - even though he had previously claimed he was done with the role - is something that fans of the series have heard numerous times. What’s even more frustrating is that the last time EVIL DEAD hit theatres, it did impressive business and even excited a few critics - myself included. Yet, that was in 2013, and we still don't have a sequel, even to that film. What happened to Levy’s Mia? And with that goofy little end credit scene with Ash, I’m sure I’m not the only one that was hoping to see Mia and the iconic original hero eviscerate a bunch of demonic nasties.

It's the Booze Talkin, The Evil Dead, Evil Dead, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, horror, sequel, AITH, Arrow in the Head, JoBlo.comAs a massive fan of Mr. Sam Raimi, I’m very happy to see him continue to produce genre. Last year’s killer alligator movie CRAWL was a wonderful genre treat. However, every damn time he talks about returning to make another EVIL DEAD movie, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for that awesome present that never comes. In fact, he’s been talking about making this movie for so long that it doesn’t seem terribly promising that we’re going to get another film. At this very site we’ve been getting excited about EVIL DEAD 4 starting way back in 2007 before the remake. And then again in 2008 when Bruce himself discussed it. Then in 2011 there were rumblings that a new film was heading into production - not Fede’s of course. In 2013, the year that Alvarez’ feature arrived, there was even more talk as the hype for the remake reinvigorated the demand. Even in 2016, we had word that EVIL DEAD 4 is still a possibility.

Maybe it’s the Booze Talkin’, but stop talking about Evil Dead 4 with Bruce - just do it already! This incredible franchise has had a killer television show, a brutal and bloody remake, and three awesome flicks that still give horror fans a thrill. The continuous discussion of whether or not there will be a fourth film - while exciting - is starting to feel like a real let down for many of us who have been waiting for a new Ash adventure. I love these movies and the series was a blast. And considering that this fictional world of demons, chainsaws and bloodshed has expanded so much since the original film, I’m sure there are a few new stories to tell within this gruesome mythology. What do you think? Are we ever going to see an EVIL DEAD 4? Or is this dream finally dead and buried? Here’s hoping that Sam, Bruce and Rob will bring us at least one final installment - and maybe add Mia in there for a little balance.

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