James Cameron to shepherd new Terminator film with Deadpool's Tim Miller

The Terminator remake James Cameron Tim Miller Skydance

This is pretty exciting news for those of us who've been hoping/praying/wishing that THE TERMINATOR films would get back on a legitimate path to greatness. It would appear as though James Cameron, the man who started it all, will regain certain rights to the title in 2019, 35 years after the release of the original sci-fi classic. Cameron will be creatively involved with a new TERMINATOR film, which will likely be co-financed by producer David Ellison's Skydance, which owns other TERMINATOR rights.

While Cameron won't direct the new TERMINATOR (he's got four AVATAR movies to make, after all), he'll oversee the reboot in some capacity. DEADPOOL director Tim Miller is apparently the man Cameron wants at the helm, although that doesn't appear to be official yet. Actually, none of this seems officially official, but the fact that the gears are in motion is reason to be excited.

Interesting note from Deadline, who broke the story: they say Ellison is "bankrolling an exploratory effort that includes engaging some top-flight science fiction authors to find the movie creatively." That would indicate that this isn't just going to be a run-of-the-mill semi-remake like TERMINATOR GENISYS was, but an exciting new vision for the franchise.

No word on whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger will star, but one would assume that his old buddy Cameron coming back into the fold will be appealing for him.

GENISYS seemed to signal the final death knell for the series; it only made $89 million domestically and $440 million worldwide, a very mediocre number for what was supposed to be a franchise refresher. Most of us had wiped our hands of THE TERMINATOR at that point, but this new development is quite intriguing. Can Cameron make THE TERMINATOR relevant once again?

The Terminator remake James Cameron Tim Miller Skydance

Extra Tidbit: Is this news exciting to you, or should they leave THE TERMINATOR alone for good?
Source: Deadline



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