James McAvoy lands Frankenstein role for Fox

Back in June we learned that 20th Century Fox's upcoming FRANKENSTEIN was eyeing both Jack Huston and Toby Kebbel for the role of Victor Von Frankenstein. While both were interesting choices for the character, Fox decided to go with another great actor in James McAvoy, according to Deadline. McAvoy will star alongside Daniel Radliffe’s Igor in the Paul McGuigan-directed film.

McGuigan was brought on last year to the direct the film from a script by Max Landis that aims to put the focus on Frankenstein's Assistant. All we really know about the flick so far is that it is expected to put a new spin on the FRANKENSTEIN story with some sci-fi elements, instead of following the book. I can't wait to see the chemistry between McAvoy's Victor Frankenstein and Radcliffe's Igor — should be a lot of fun!

Right now the film's release date is currently set for October 17th, 2014.

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Source: Deadline



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