Jane Levy joins Steven C. Miller's Office Uprising

Last week, we learned that SILENT NIGHT director Steven C. Miller is gearing up to direct the zombie film OFFICE UPRISING. Now our friends over at Bloody-Disgusting have dug up some casting news that makes the project sound even more enticing:

Jane Levy, who genre fans know as the star of the EVIL DEAD remake, has signed on to join Brenton Thwaites (OCULUS, THE SIGNAL 2014) in the cast.

Written by Ian Shorr and Peter Gamble, OFFICE UPRISING

is set inside one of the world’s leading arms manufacturers where a substance is slipped into the employees’ drinks by the board of directors that supposedly makes them work more efficiently. Due to a slacker within the company, though, they are fed the wrong formula and start turning into homicidal maniacs — leaving the slacker needing to step up his game to rescue himself and his friends from the growing zombie plague inside the company compound.

Love Fede Alvarez's take on EVIL DEAD or hate it, I would be surprised to hear someone say they didn't at least think Levy did a good job in the role of beleaguered heroine Mia. She had some pretty incredible moments in there, so I think OFFICE UPRISING is shaping up very nicely so far.

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Source: B-D



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