Jason X map and Uber Jason coming to Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game Uber Jason

A very unique new map is coming to Friday the 13th: The Game, one that will take its players from the woodsy surroundings of the other maps and drop them onto a space ship in the year 2455 - the Grendel space ship from JASON X, which similarly took the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise out of the woods and dropped slasher Jason Voorhees into a futuristic sci-fi setting.

If you're looking for terror, here comes a perfect ten. In the year 2455, on a routine training mission, a team of students is about to learn a terrifying lesson. Through the years, Jason Voorhees has claimed over 200 victims. Now, the legendary killer from Crystal Lake is back, hurtling through space and hunting new prey. Jason X is a nerve-shredding thriller loaded with spectacular special effects, hi-tech weapons, and new ways to die.

Jason himself also got an upgrade in that film. After his body is blown apart, Jason is put back together by nano-bots that replace his lost pieces (and his damaged mask) with other materials, turning Jason into a cyborg the filmmakers called Uber Jason. Fittingly, since the game is delving into the world of JASON X, Uber Jason is coming along for the ride. Soon the game's players will either be running from Uber Jason, or playing as Uber Jason to stalk its counselor characters. It should be a lot of fun to do these things in a space ship setting.

It's only fair that Uber Jason be added into the game, because nearly every other film's version of Jason is already represented in there. Plus there's a "Hell Jason" that was designed by Tom Savini and the purple and blue Jason of the old Nintendo game.

There's no word on when Grendel and Uber Jason will be available in the game, it has only been said that they are "coming soon".

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited that Uber Jason and Grendel are being added to the game?



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