Jaume Collet-Serra set to produce psychological thriller Mindscape

According to Deadline.com, UNKNOWN and ORPHAN director Jaume Collet-Serra has just formed his own production house, Ombra Films. With money from StudioCanal, the small shingle will make low-budget English-language horror flicks, with an eye toward launching the careers of up-and-coming Spanish filmmakers.

The venture's first film is called MINDSCAPE, a psychological thriller about a man with the ability to enter people's memories. His assignment: to figure out if a 16-year old girl is a psychopath or a victim of trauma, or both.

Brings to mind the 1984 Dennis Quaid flick DREAMSCAPE somewhat for me, how about you?

MINDSCAPE was written by Guy Holmes and will be helmed by Jorge Dorado, a successful commercials director in Spain.

"We've seen how many talented directors are coming out of Spain, but there hasn't really been a platform for them to find work in films," Collet-Sera's producing partner Juan Sola told Deadline. "They look up to Jaume as a guy they want to become and we thought, how about a company that creates a bridge between Spain and the U.S., similar to what Luc Besson provided in France? Already, we are being bombarded, and we feel directors will find Ombra a fantastic platform. Jaume loves mentoring new talent."

Well, it's a great idea, and hopefully the results will be as impressive as Collet-Sera's rise from music video director to helmer of Liam Neeson films.

Extra Tidbit: Collet-Serra's debut film was HOUSE OF WAX, starring Paris Hilton (above).
Source: Deadline.com



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