J.T. Petty plans to thrill you with My Only Sunshine

Filmmaker J.T. Petty has made something of a name for himself in the horror genre over the last fourteen years, following up his well-received directorial debut SOFT FOR DIGGING with MIMIC: SENTINEL, S&MAN, THE BURROWERS, and HELLBENDERS (pictured above). Along the way, he also wrote the SEASON 2 edition of THE WALKING DEAD: THE GAME.

Petty is now preparing to make a thriller called MY ONLY SUNSHINE, which he has written with Kate Petty. The story:

A pair of ruthless bank-robbers plans a heist on a local bank in order to fund their long awaited divorce. Unfortunately, the plan takes several unexpected turns as this couple wreaks havoc on all involved.

Financed by Carissa Buffel, Kevin Matusow, and Steven Chester Prince of Traveling Picture Show Company, who will produce along with Lawrence Mattis and Matt Smith of Circle of Confusion, MY ONLY SUNSHINE is expected to go into production in early 2016, with filming to take place in Ottawa.

The plot description doesn't really make it sound like a horror project, but the fact that the film is being referred to as a "hilariously scary romp" that Steven Chester Prince compares to NATURAL BORN KILLERS and FROM DUSK TILL DAWN gives a hint that there's more horror going on here than meets the eye.

Alexis Dziena of MIMIC: SENTINEL

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