Jug Face's Lauren Ashley Carter to star in Pod

Last year we saw Lauren Ashley Carter (pictured above) take the lead in the fantastic backwoods horror tale JUG FACE, a film you can (and should) check out right HERE. Word has come in that Carter has just been pinned to star in the indie horror film POD, from director Mickey Keating. Keating's name should be pretty familiar to you guys as we talked up his most recent cult-themed film RITUAL quite a bit.

POD will see both Keating and his RITUAL star Dean Cates come together in the film that is being described by STYD as an ensemble family drama that goes horrifically awry in the snowy confines of an isolated lake house. Keating spilled some details to the site, saying, "It's a paranoid and violent nod to the original Twilight Zone series, Frankenheimer's Manchurian Candidate, and The Andromeda Strain." Okay, so that sounds pretty badass, don't you think? I never had the chance to catch RITUAL, but I really dug Lauren Ashley Carter in JUG FACE and she is no doubt a fine addition to POD. Hopefully we'll have more on this one sooner rather than later. For now, dig on some early art for the flick below!

Morgan White, William Day-Frank and Sean Fowler are serving as producers. Eleanor West and Benjamin Wright co-produce.

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys glad to see Carter jumping right back into the horror genre?



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