"Justified" star Joelle Carter joins Lionsgate genre romp Jessabelle

You guys remember that Lionsgate horror flick coming our way from director Kevin Greutert right? Something called JESSABELLE? I know it doesn't sound very exciting but let's not write this one off just yet...

I say this because news today over at The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog has JESSABELLE scoring the talents of "Justified" hottie Joelle Carter. The actress (pictured) will be playing 'Sarah,' the mother of our main character.

JESSABELLE follows a woman who is forced to return to her father's home in Louisiana when a car accident leaves her without the use of her legs. It's not long before she discovers a mystery surrounding her own birth, as well as an angry ghost determined to destroy her.

Carter joins Sarah Snook and Mark Webber in JESSABELLE, which started production earlier this month on April 2nd in Wilmington, North Carolina. You know what that means right? Hopefully more JESSABELLE updates soon!

Extra Tidbit: JESSABELLE scribe Robert Ben Garant's previous credits include family flicks NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM and THE PACIFIER. That doesn't sit very well....
Source: Heat Vision



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