Keegan Michael-Key will also be running from Shane Black's Predator

Yesterday I said the cast of Shane Black's THE PREDATOR couldn't get more interesting when it added MOONLIGHT breakout star Trevante Rhodes. I was wrong. They've just added none other than comedian Keegan-Michael Key. The Key & Peele alum will now be joining the ranks of comedy actors taking up roles in iconic action-horror franchises, like Danny McBride's equally unexpected turn in ALIEN: COVENANT.

The closest he's got to the genre so far have been the horror-comedies FREAKS OF NATURE and HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2, so it'll be interesting to see if he gets to be badass or if he'll just be a comic relief. Black has proven that he can skillfully blend humor and edgy action content, so here's hoping Key will be given a chance to spread his wings.

Although Shane Black has refuted rumors that THE PREDATOR would be taking place in suburbia, it is being widely reported that the film is. Who knows what's true at this point?

Cinematographer Larry Fong will be lensing THE PREDATOR, which Black co-wrote with Fred Dekker. Production is slated to begin this Winter. The film is scheduled for release on February 9, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: What type of role do you think Key will be playing?



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