Killer shark tale Into The Deep plumbs the depths at EFM

INTO THE DEEP hadn't been a blip on our radar before today, but it sounds as if we've got to keep our scopes trained on it after today. The Gerald Rascionato-directed thriller, about a trio of college kids on the run - er, swim - from killer sharks, is currently mopping up at the European Film Market. Screen Daily reports it has been acquired by distributors in the UK (Metrodome); Japan (New Select); Middle East (Phonencia); and India (Pictureworks). No word on a U.S. acquisition yet.

INTO THE DEEP follows three American college students making an audition tape for an extreme game show by filming their most intense activity: Shark Cage Diving in South Australia. Beneath all the fun and adventure, a dark secret lurks amongst the three that threatens to split them apart. A catastrophic turn of events leaves them stranded in baited water surrounded by Great White Sharks, turning their audition tape into a documentation of survival.

Giles Edwards, head of acquisitions at Metrodome, described the film as “a furiously successful descent into the darkest depths of marine-based dread”. Not too shabby!

Written by Rascionato and Stephen Lister, the film stars Megan Peta Hill (pictured below), Joel Hogan, Josh Potthoff, and Pete Valley.

Extra Tidbit: Aside from JAWS, what's your favorite water-based horror flick?
Source: Screen Daily



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