Lakeshore acquires film rights for graphic novel The Sword

Deadline is reporting that Lakeshore Entertainment has secured rights to Jonathan and Joshua Luna’s graphic novel THE SWORD in a bid to build a new franchise akin to their very successful UNDERWORLD series. The female-led revenge story, about a young woman named Dara Brighton seeking revenge on a trio of siblings with unique abilities, is divided into four volumes. The first film installment is expected to go in front of the cameras this year with Lakeshore’s Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi producing.

The story follows a young paraplegic who leads an ordinary existence until her family is brutally murdered by a mysterious trio. Escaping from the assassins, she discovers a sword that restores her ability to walk and grants her physical powers. With her new weapon she sets out on a journey of brutal retribution.

The Luna Brothers are comic artists who have worked on Spider-Woman: Origins and Red Sonja, as well as creating thier own characters with Ultra, Girls and THE SWORD, so they seem to enjoy working on stories with strong female characters. Dara Brighton of THE SWORD seems to be an intriguing character so here's hoping that Lakeshore finds the talent to truly embody that role.

If you're interested in reading THE SWORD, the complete collection is available HERE.

Expect casting news soon as this one seems to be on the fast track.

Extra Tidbit: Have you ever read THE SWORD? Do you think the material will make for a kickass film?
Source: Deadline



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