Hostel: Wild rumor states Eli Roth is working on a TV version with Paul Giamatti to star!

As his time on Billions draws to a close, Paul Giamatti might sign on for the most unlikely follow-up ever.

Last Updated on May 20, 2024

Hostel Paul Giamatti

It’s good to be Paul Giamatti. With seven years of Showtime’s Billions under his belt, and a fresh Oscar nomination for The Holdovers in his rearview mirror, the legendary character actor can seemingly have his pick of any role he wants on the big or small screen. According to a scoop by notorious Hollywood tipster Daniel Richtman, he may have just chosen the most unlikely follow-up of all time: a TV version of Eli Roth’s Hostel from the controversial horror auteur himself.

While this might sound outrageous to some, Giamatti has been very open about his love of the genre, noting that he wants to add more horror to his filmography. He’s always carved out time in his schedule to be in genre stuff like the series 30 Coins, the movies Morgan, John Dies at the End, Gunpowder Milkshake, Shoot ’em Up, and more. He also noted that one of his favorite roles of all time was as the ape Limbo in Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes. With his love of the genre, he might be taking the opportunity to step it up a bit in a series that could put him in the pantheon of horror greats, especially if he’s teaming with Eli Roth.

A Hostel TV show actually sounds like a nifty idea. While it’s unlikely it would be as heavy as the first two movies, which pushed the envelope regarding screen violence, the premise was always compelling. In it, young backpackers are lured to a Hostel where they are tortured to death by sadistic wealthy folk. With the income gap increasing more and more each year, this could prove to be fertile ground for a long-form TV project. I could see Giamatti in a number of potential roles. He could play a sadistic rich person torturing travellers, or he could play one of the people running the hostel. He could also play a more reluctant participant or even a good guy trying to shut the hostel down. Heck, he could even play a torture victim himself. Any of these roles would suit him – although my suspicion is that if Giamatti is doing horror, he’s gonna want to play a REAL bad guy. Preferably one with a menacing accent.

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