Last Circus director Alex De La Iglesia in post on newest Witching & Bitching

So, did y'all get a chance to clock Alex De La Iglesia's 2010 horror show THE LAST CIRCUS? Some strange shite, no doubt, but definitely intriguing enough to keep an eye on Iglesia's future work.

And the future is now! Apparently the Spanish filmmaker is in post-production on a new horror comedy called WITCHING & BITCHING, for which we have a promo poster and quick synopsis. Sounds pretty damn amusing if nothing else, give it a read below and see if you agree.

Written by Iglesia as well - WITCHING & BITCHING picks up when:

Divorced dad José and friends rob 25,000 wedding rings from a Cash-for-Gold shop in a desperate attempt to escape their lives of wife troubles. But they may never make it out of the haunted northern forests where a coven of witches chases them down for the rings and their souls in an crazy storm of poetic justice for their failures with the opposite sex.

Film Factory Entertainment is overseeing the joint, which is likely to drop sometime this year. As always, we'll keep you abreast every step of the way.

The aptly named Carolina Bang is in the cast!

Extra Tidbit: Iglesia also directed the 2008 Elijah Wood flick THE OXFORD MURDERS.



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