Lesbian werewolf flick Jack and Diane gets rated by the MPAA

It would be a crying shame if a movie about a lesbian werewolf received anything less than an R rating... Thankfully, that's not the case with JACK AND DIANE, a film that is indeed about a lesbian werewolf. The geniuses at the MPAA have given the film the R rating it apparently so richly deserves.

The R rating is for strong sexual content including nudity and an assault, bloody violence, language and drinking - all involving teens.

Oooo, all involving teens! Scandalous.

Here's the plot synopsis for JACK AND DIANE: Jack and Diane, two teenage girls, meet in New York City and spend the night kissing ferociously. Diane's charming innocence quickly begins to open Jack's tough-skinned heart. But when Jack discovers that Diane is leaving the country in a week, she tries to push her away. Diane struggles to keep their love alive while hiding a secret that her newly awakened sexual desire is turning her into a werewolf.

Starring Juno Temple, Riley Keough, Cara Seymour and Kylie Minogue, JACK & DIANE premieres next month at the Tribeca Film Festival; it will likely get a limited theatrical release this summer.

Riley Keough

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