Ryan's Top 5 horror films to watch this Halloween

Halloween is about to roll in on its dark cloud of all things horror and you can bet your sweet tits that I'll be watching some of my favorite flicks on the big day. In this list you guys are going to find my top five horror films that I'll be watching this Halloween! It ranges from the classics to the undiscovered gems and it wasn't easy narrowing it down to just five but I managed to do it after some serious head-scratching. If you like your horror flicks with a solid dose of the red stuff and a few laughs then I think you'll dig my choices! It's about to get wet in here! Now get to it!

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Scott Glosserman’s Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is another indie horror flick that I often find myself watching during Halloween. This one always cracks my shit up because Nathan Baesel's Leslie Vernon is such a likable character that it's nearly impossible to not root for the bad guy when shit really hits the fan—he's one of the very few cinematic serial killers that I wouldn't mind hanging out with! With endless nods to classic horror films as well as a terrifyingly charming lead in Nathan Baesel, Glosserman's indie is one that I'll be visiting on Halloween for years to come.

Dead Alive (Braindead)

The more off-the-wall and ridiculous the horror flick is, the more I love it. It's really that simple. When it comes to the horror genre I'm an easy man to please, just throw a few gallons of blood my way and we're all set! I have no idea what the goriest film of all-time is, but I'd shit my pants if this wasn't in the running because my god... that finale! No matter how many times I watch Peter Jackson's blood-soaked horror gem, I'm astonished at how clownshit crazy it is. And to top it all off the film is absolutely hilarious and I can't imagine my Halloween without it!

Night of the Living Dead

Romero's undead classic is the reason I got into this genre and never looked back. I was dragged into it kicking and screaming at a young age and was absolutely blown away by the idea of the dead crawling out of their graves and looking for some fresh man sushi to bury their teeth into—yummy! Romero's zombies may not be the scariest out there, but seeing an army of the undead in black and white always finds a comfortable spot under my skin and it's a feeling I'll welcome with open arms come this Halloween! They're coming to get you Barbara!


I had a really hard time deciding between this one and The Return of the Living Dead. Decisions, decisions! I ultimately went with Re-animator though because Jeffrey Combs is f*cking awesome. Sorry Tarman, maybe next time you ugly bastard! Gordon's grisly black-comedy will always do the trick when I'm looking for a blood-splattered laugh so I feel pretty confident with this choice. Well, that will about do it folks. I really hope you guys got a kick out of my picks and I'd love to know what you will be watching this Halloween! So spill it!

Murder Party

We all have at least one go-to horror flick for Halloween and Jeremy Saulnier's undiscovered gem Murder Party is exactly that for me. I don't know about you guys, but I'm sucker for a flick that actually takes place on Halloween—especially when they capture the very essence of the holiday that makes it so damn cool. It's an absolute gem in the indie horror world and a flick that's witty as hell and topped off with some fantastic performances. I never get sick of this one and because it's such an entertaining ride that features some badass costumes, I know I can always rely on this one to start my Halloween off right.
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