Lizzy Caplan goes into Extinction along with Michael Pena

I love Lizzy Caplan.

I remember first really taking notice for her in the shortly lived but amazing Starz comedy PARTY DOWN, which she co-starred in along with Adam Scott, and then right after that she was in the genre classic CLOVERFIELD and I thought, you know what I've got to start keeping a closer eye on his girl.

Then I was over at a friend's house and TRUE BLOOD was on. I saw this one NSFW shot and I was all aboard the Lizzy Caplan train. Natch.

Anyways, onto the news, Lizzy Caplan has just be confirmed to joining Michael Pena in the alien-invasion flick EXTINCTION. Sources say Caplan will play the wife of Michael Pena's character. 

Here is the film's, as of now, quick synopsis:

A man tries to save his family from an alien invasion.

Nothing like being succinct, right?  Let me follow suit by wrapping this up here. 

EXTINCTION is directed by Ben Young and written by ARRIVAL-scribe Eric Heisserer, along with Spenser Cohen and Bradley Caleb Kane.

Extra Tidbit: Lizzy Caplan also played Janis in MEAN GIRLS. But don't act like you didn't know that.
Source: Variety



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