Lupita Nyong'o and Josh Gad sign on for zombie comedy Little Monsters

Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong'o and Josh Gad are both doing very well in their careers right now. Gad is fresh off of co-starring in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, the biggest hit of 2017, and Nyong'o landed roles in STAR WARS and BLACK PANTHER after winning an Academy Award for her role in 12 YEARS A SLAVE. Next up for these two: fighting zombies.

Nyong'o and Gad have signed on to star with Alexander England in writer/director Abe Forsythe's zombie comedy LITTLE MONSTERS.

Coming to us from Snoot Entertainment and Made Up Stories, LITTLE MONSTERS has nothing to do with the 1989 film of the same name. The story centers on 

Dave (England), a washed-up musician who volunteers to chaperone his nephew’s kindergarten class field trip after taking a shine to the plucky schoolteacher, Miss Caroline (Nyong’o). Dave’s intentions are complicated by the presence of the world’s most famous kids show personality, and competition for Miss Caroline’s affections, Teddy McGiggle (Gad). One thing none of them bargained for however, is a sudden zombie outbreak, from which Dave and Miss Caroline must protect the children.

It would seem safe to assume that any "little monsters" in that scenario would be zombie children, but it doesn't sound like this is going to be an adults vs. kids bloodbath. Screen Australia, in association with Create NSW, has invested in the project, and Screen Australia's Head of Production Sally Caplan describes LITTLE MONSTERS as "utterly charming", with "genuine crossover appeal". A movie with a horde of zombie youngsters getting dispatched wouldn't have that sort of appeal.

Made Up Stories' Bruna Papandrea says the film will be "equal parts hilarious, heartwarming, and terrifying". That sounds like a promising mixture of elements.

LITTLE MONSTERS is currently filming in Sydney.

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