Mega cast of SyFy's Mega Python vs Gatoroid Monkees around

Mega news rocked the world last month when we learned that SyFy and The Asylum was pitting 80s pop icons Tiffany (below) and Debbie Gibson up against each other in the latest Mega movie MEGA PYTHON VS GATOROID (relieve the explosive magic HERE). Today we have even more Mega news from the project as they've added someone new to the cast... a muthaf*ckin' Monkee.

As in, Mickey Dolenz, member of the 60s band The Monkees (hey hey we're the Monkees, and people say we monkey around...)! Dolenz has joined the cast in the epic battle between pop icons and mutated reptiles, making this Mega movie even more Mega than it was before, if for nothing else than it's straight-up bizarre-o factor. A Monkee? Why the f*ck not?

Actually, Dolenz is no stranger to the genre... he most recently starred in (or at least appeared in) Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN, which makes him the star power with the most mainstream films under his belt out of both Gibson and Tiffany. Nice!

Production is scheduled to start any day now with a 2011 release date in mind. Stick around for more Mega news from Asylum's MEGA PYTHON VS GATOROID!

Extra Tidbit: Mickey Dolenz also appeared in INVISIBLE MOM II in 1999 alongside fellow HALLOWEEN star Dee Wallace. How's that for random?
Source: THR

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