Mewes' Breath of Hate

Well, snootchie boochies! Jason Mewes sure is one lucky mo-fo! The dude (right) has just scored himself a role in the sexy horror tale BREATH OF HATE, which I just told you about at the beginning of this month. The reason for my jealousy? The flick is already showcasing a bevy of sultry beauties in starring roles. Just look at this lovely list: Monique Parent (below), Elske McCain (below), and Trista Robinson. That’s definitely a big step up from Silent Bob in the on-screen partner department.

In direct contrast to the typical loud-mouthed stoner personal Mewes usually plays, BREATH’s director, Sean Cain, describes his new role like this: “His character is a gamer nerd who falls for an escort. It’s through his love that he brings her back from being a walking suicide.”

Hmm, that is very interesting. I’d like to see how Mewes would handle a role like this. I have a feeling, for some reason, that he’d do alright. Here’s the plot he’s gotten into: One last job and Love is out of the erotic escort business. Unfortunately, that final job is for a trio of escaped mental patients who define torture a high art and want to turn Love into their latest masterpiece.

The rest of the cast includes Ezra Buzzington, Felissa Rose, Lauren Walsh, Jack Forcinito, Ted Prior, and Alexis Sibolis. Filming is still set to begin towards the end of summer.

Extra Tidbit: Hmm, I wonder if there'll be any nudity in this flick?
Source: AITH



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