Michael Myers to slash again in Halloween 3D?

Is HE ready to come home… again?

Bloody Disgusting is reporting Michael Myers is poised to make a comeback in HALLOWEEN 3D. While no details or solid confirmation of this report is available, the site claims the news is coming out of the Cannes Film Market, which is just getting underway.

Here is how BD tells it:

Our sources on the Cannes stomping ground tell us exclusively that The Weinstein Company is once again looking to get Halloween 3D off the ground.

The site notes it's unclear whether or not this will be related to the Rob Zombie films or a complete reboot. Additionally, no director has been named. (Once upon a time, MY BLOODY VALENTINE duo Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer were attempting to get the film off the ground, to no avail.)

Stay tuned as more details (hopefully) bleed in soon.

Extra Tidbit: If this news proves to be true, what are your initial thoughts? Ready to see Michael slash again?



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