Mike Epps joins Bruce Willis in Eli Roth's Death Wish

Death Wish Eli Roth Mike Epps Bruce Willis

Eli Roth's remake of DEATH WISH is chugging along, and lead Bruce Willis has just found a new friend. The newest addition to the cast is Mike Epps, who will be playing Dr. Chris Salgado, "a playboy doctor and close friend of Willis’ character Paul Kersey."

Epps has had a varied career, appearing all over the map in roles like Black Doug in the HANGOVER franchise, the title character in the short-lived Uncle Buck TV series, and L.J. in RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION. He's also appeared in the parody movies FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK and MEET THE BLACKS, and will be playing comic Richard Pryor in the upcoming biopic RICHARD PRYOR: IS IT SOMETHING I SAID? While he's mostly known for comedy, this will be an exciting chance for him to appear in a hard-edged action movie.

Just like the original DEATH WISH, this remake will center on 

a man named Paul Kersey whose life is destroyed by a violent crime against his wife and daughter. Frustrated the bad guys were not brought to justice for the violence and degradation the thugs inflicted on his family, he starts hunting for the perpetrators himself.

Also cast are Vincent D'Onofrio and Dean Norris. DEATH WISH will be filming in Montreal and Chicago beginning on September 26th.

Extra Tidbit: Are you interested in seeing what Eli Roth does with the property?
Source: Deadline



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