Nailbiter storms in

You guys know me. Any kind of fun-sounding monster horror indie and I'm there for ya! The current flick that has punctured my interest is a little number entitled NAILBITER (nice title!). This one is coming to us from Kansas-based filmmaker Patrick Rea with creature effects created by BUFFY and ANGEL vet, Allan Holt. You can check out the look of the nailbiting creatures up top. Nicely horrific, I says. The film's plot chomps like this:

A mother and three daughters in a Kansas town must contend with not only a tornado, but attack by monsters with some strangely sharp incisors.

So it's an all-girl vs. monsters flick... good stuff! If you're feeling brave, you can check out a teaser trailer for NAILBITER over at its production company's, SenoReality Pictures, here. As of now, Rea is just looking to raise a little more money in order to fully complete his flick. From the looks of things, I say, give the man his cash.

Source: Fangoria



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