New A Haunted House poster takes a jab at Raimi's The Possession

Opening this Friday is the found-footage spoof A HAUNTED HOUSE, for which our demented amigos of STYD have unrolled a new one-sheet. The flick locked square in the crosshairs this time? Sam Raimi and Ole Borndedal's THE POSSESSION, perhaps the most underrated horror flick of 2012. Get a gander below!

Starring Marlon Wayans, Nick Swardson, David Koechner, Liana Mendoza (below), Essence Atkins, Jamie Noel, Robin Thede and Affion Crockett:

In an outrageous send up of the Paranormal Activity movies, The Devil Inside and other “found footage” movies, A HAUNTED HOUSE features young couple Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) and Kisha (Essence Atkins) who have just moved in to their dream house. As they settle in, they quickly find they’re not alone. But it’s not the house that’s haunted, it’s Malcolm’s girlfriend who is possessed by a demon. Malcolm hires everyone from a priest to modern day ghostbusters to rid her of this unwelcome intruder, determined not to let the evil spirit ruin his relationship… or, more importantly, his sex life.

Enter A HAUNTED HOUSE January 11th.

Extra Tidbit: Despite how stupid it looks, is the cast here good enough to see the flick in the theater? Or at all?
Source: STYD



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