New Paranormal Activity 4 image is more of the same

It’s official: the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise is the new SAW series. The franchise took off based on the success of a low budget indie flick intended for the festival and direct-to-video circuit and, wouldn’t you know it, boffo box office led to two more entries. With a nonsensical storyline and  a rushed production schedule PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 risks falling prey to Jigsaw’s law of diminishing returns. Based on the film’s non-informative ad campaign, which is churning out new pictures like the one below, I'd say that threat could become a reality. 

Before you second guess yourself, this article is indeed about a picture of a girl screaming. Is this what we’ve come to, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4? I wouldn’t be so pissy about it if some pertinent information on the film’s plot would be released. Though nothing is official, word is PA4 will "explore the family of witches we saw in PA3 (who live next door to a newly introduced family) in this fourth film..." Paramount seems to be convincing itself that the franchise’s storyline should be kept as tightly wrapped as a Christopher Nolan film. In reality, it will be just another excuse for a series of scare set-ups and domestic drama like every haunted house flick in existence.

The film has directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman returning behind the camera and stars Kathryn Newton, Matt Shively, and Brady Allen. Franchise stalwart Katie Featherston (pictured sexily below) is currently unconfirmed, but the directors have teased her involvement, so who knows? The film hits theaters October 19th but you can get a early screening in your area by voting, hitting up Facebook or tweet mentioning @TweetYourScream.

Extra Tidbit: My coffee maker crapped out on me before writing this story. Can you tell?



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