New stills from Rodney Ascher's The Nightmare

Rodney Ascher's new documentary, THE NIGHTMARE, is set for a VOD and limited theatrical release in just a few weeks, June 5th, and what’s on tap for today is a handful of creepy new stills, giving us a quick look at what Ascher’s horror doc has in store. Dig ‘em below! You can watch the most recent trailer right HERE if you missed it!

In the film:

THE NIGHTMARE’S subjects hail from different backgrounds and walks of life, but share eerily similar visions of malevolent, near-human beings that grow increasingly aggressive the longer the sleep paralysis recurs. Are these just random hallucinations or something more? Rational explanations get challenged by the similarities of the “shadow people” multiple subjects describe looming over them. Ascher, who has first hand knowledge of sleep paralysis, brings the full intensity of this experience to the screen while maintaining empathy and respect for his subjects. As the film unfolds, distinctions between the documentary and horror genres fade as do easy lines between reality and the imagination.

The horror documentary is produced by Ross M. Dinerstein (THE PACT, THE DIVIDE) and Glen Zipper - producer of the Academy Award winning film, UNDEFEATED. The film is executive produced by Content Film President Jamie Carmichael (THE PACT, BLACK BOOK) and co-produced by Tim Kirk (ROOM 237).

Extra Tidbit: Are you going to be watching THE NIGHTMARE?



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