New The Woman In Black poster is simple yet affective, might be the best one yet

Hammer’s THE WOMAN IN BLACK is set to hit the US on February 3rd, with the UK getting it a week later. We’ve been getting a lot of new bits and pieces from the film as of late and today is no different.

A brand new poster has been revealed and I think this might be the best one yet. It is a simple design but it is very affective and it seems to be a more literal translation of the title. The film is of course an adaptation of the Suzanne Hill novel, directed by James Watkins. Back in 1989 there was another version of the book with the same title, how will this one hold up? By the looks of what we have seen, this looks to be a pretty solid one.

The story follows a young lawyer, Arthur Kipps ( Daniel Radcliffe), who is ordered to travel to a remote village and sort out a recently deceased client’s papers. As he works alone in the client’s isolated house, Kipps begins to uncover tragic secrets, his unease growing when he glimpses a mysterious woman dressed only in black. Receiving only silence from the locals, Kipps is forced to uncover the true identity of the Woman in Black on his own, leading to a desperate race against time when he discovers her true intent.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK stars Daniel Radcliffe Shaun Dooley, Cathy Sara, Mary Stockley, Roger Allam, Liz White, Lucy May Barker, Tim McMullan, Alisa Khazanova, Daniel Cerqueira, David Burke and Victor McGuire.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking this film out next month?
Source: LA Times



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