New Orleans vampire flick Nocturna will keep you up all night this October

Are you tired of soppy romantic bloodsuckers? Brooding ancient goths? If you've been waiting for a vampire flick with new ideas to break through the waters, NOCTURNA might just be your bag. It's got everything you've never imagined in a vamp movie... and more! Christmas! New Orleans! Detectives searching for missing children! If the movie is as fascinating as the following plot description, it's a must-own for any discerning horror collector.

It’s Christmastime in New Orleans and children are mysteriously disappearing, stolen from their homes, taken off the street, dozens have vanished without a trace. Detective Harry Ganat and his partner Roy Cody have found a young girl in the home of a murdered swamper and she leads them to the den of her captors…the Molderos, a group of merciless vampires who feed on the blood of children.

The detectives' lives are spared by a troika of ancient vampires; Brisbane, Dimitri and Lydia—all seductive creatures who despise the Molderos as well. In exchange for protecting the detectives from their new enemies, the trio of “friendly” vampires offer them a deal—find the hidden lair of their mutual enemies and their lives will be spared and the other stolen children will be returned to them unharmed. But finding and killing the Molderos is not going to be easy and Harry soon finds himself questioned by the police, hunted by the Molderos at night, and caught in a deadly love triangle between Lydia and her ancient master, Brisbane.

NOCTURNA, directed by Buz Alexander and starring Estella Warren (PLANET OF THE APES), Jonathan Schaech (QUARANTINE), and Mike Doyle (GREEN LANTERN), is swooping onto Blu-Ray, DVD, and VOD on October 6, 2015. It's available for pre-order here

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