Nothing much is revealed and we are still left hanging after Matthew Goode talks about Stoker

If I see Chan-wook Park’s name attached to anything, I am automatically excited. The man has made some of my favourite films with OLDBOY, LADY VENGEANCE and THIRST. He’s pretty amazing, on all levels, and he is certainly one of the most interesting and creative director’s working today.

From the moment I heard that he was doing his first English-language film I was pumped! STOKER is that film, and the strange part here is that it was written by ‘Prison Break’ star Wentworth Miller. The script gained a pretty strong reputation, and considering Park took it onboard, I am all for it.

We know barely anything about the project, and Matthew Goode one of the stars recently spoke to DigitalSpy about it. He did mention a few things, but we are still pretty much in the dark about this one, just the way I like it.

He did mention: "It's not really the horror genre, but it kind of is, too."

He also spoke about his character ‘Uncle Charlie’ - "he turns up at this funeral - the opening shot is of Nicole and Mia, they're a mother and daughter, he's the uncle and it's his brother who's died. [Charlie] hasn't been around for 25 years he's been off travelling, or so we think, and various people start to disappear. Then you realize there's possibly a pre-disposition in the bloodline of the family to do dark things."

Sounds interesting, I simply cannot wait to catch this film! It should hopefully see the light of day some time this year. Goode will star along with Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska (below), Lucas Till, Dermot Mulroney and Jacki Weaver.

Extra Tidbit: This film sure as a nice display of Australian female talent, i like it!
Source: Digital Spy



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