Original Legend ending

Back in January, not long after I AM LEGEND hit theaters, I told you how there was going to be an alternate ending on the DVD.

Seeing how I thought the ending (and the CGI) were the weak points of I AM LEGEND, this was very much welcomed news. I loved the novel's ending, it had me in a state of 'Whoa... that's awesome.' Something you really don't see coming and is brilliant at the same time... unfortunately neither of the movie's endings come even close to this... but at least this alternate ending is better than the theatrical.

I won't really explain it, just that I'm happy they dropped the whole 'colony' thing. If you don't want to wait for the DVD (who'd want to do that?) you can actually scope out the alternate ending in our video section. Or you can just click the shot below to check it out. Another thing I did really dig about this alternate ending was that it gives the 'creature' some character with a major show of emotion, to see what I'm talking about check out the clip.

I AM LEGEND stars Will Smith, whose performance was the best part of the flick, with Alice Braga (below). The DVD hits shelves March 18.

Source: AITH Videos



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