Paranormal Activity 4 stills focus on that creepy kid

Yesterday we dished out a new PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 spot that informed us "The activity has found a new family." The idea seemed pretty obvious from the previous trailers, but Paramount is reiterating it yet again with some new stills from the film.

They're pretty much what you would expect from PA4 at this point. A whole lot of "Why's that creepy kid blurry image behind that guy?" and "Why is that creepy kid blurry image behind that floating teenage girl?"-- that sort of thing. My favorite is one that seems to be of an empty room which, I swear to God, I've been looking at for five minutes straight looking for something creepy. It's like the film is a horror version of WHERE'S WALDO? but I'm losing.

PA 4 opens October 19th. If anyone else wants to take a crack at the still guessing game (the first pic is the main culprit) you can check the images out below.

Extra Tidbit: No, I wasn't looking for an excuse to post a sexy picture of Katie Featherston (above). What kind of horn dog do you think I am? (EDIT: Also, did you guys ever notice how much she looks like Taylor Vixen?)
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