Paranormal Event Response Unit spins off from What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows Taika Waitit

When it comes to follow-ups to writers/co-directors Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement's vampire mockumentary WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, the focus lately has been on WE'RE WOLVES, a spin-off that will focus on a power battle between werewolves. However, while Waititi and Clement have been working on developing WE'RE WOLVES, they've also been developing another spin-off that is going to beat that movie to the screen: a six-part television series titled Paranormal Event Response Unit.

A spin-off that will focus on the Officer O'Leary and Officer Minogue characters played in WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS by Karen O'Leary and Mike Minogue, Paranormal Event Response Unit was first mentioned by Clement in an AV Club interview last year. He said he and Waititi had pitched an idea for a TV show that would be about O'Leary and Minogue working in a paranormal activity division of the New Zealand Police Department, but that the show's chances didn't look good. Apparently there was no money for comedy on New Zealand TV.

That has changed now, as New Zealand On Air has officially announced that funding has been secured for Paranormal Event Response Unit. The six episode series will have a budget of $1.4 million and will air on TVNZ 2.

The show will follow police officers Karen and Mike as they keep us safe from the supernatural.

Paranormal Event Response Unit is expected to reach TV screens in New Zealand sometime in 2017.

What We Do in the Shadows Taika Waitit Karen O'Leary Mike Minogue

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