Pet, starring Dominic Monaghan, is now filming

Production has begun on the indie horror thriller PET, a project which has been in development for eight years. Dominic Monaghan signed on to star in the film in early 2008, at which time Irish filmmaker Enda McCallion was attached to direct. While Monaghan remains in the lead role, McCallion has since moved on, being replaced at the helm by APARTMENT 143 director Carles Torrens.

When we first reported on PET, the story was said to center on 

Seth, a man who bumps into his old high school crush and quickly becomes obsessed with her. He takes her captive underneath the animal shelter where he works but soon suspects that his old flame is not who she seems to be.

The screenplay was written by THE LAZARUS EFFECT scribe Jeremy Slater, who is also credited on the new FANTASTIC FOUR reboot, although apparently very little of his work made it to the screen.

Joining Monaghan in the cast of PET are Ksenia Solo (pictured above), Jennette McCurdy (pictured below), and Nathan Parsons.

This sounds like a promising project to me. It took a while for cameras to start rolling on it, but I'm glad to see it's finally getting made instead of being forever trapped in development hell.

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