Pixar's Andrew Stanton helming two episodes of Stranger Things Season 2

The new season of STRANGER THINGS is set to premiere on Netflix this Halloween so get ready for the publicity machine to start revving its engine here sometime very soon. Until then we here at AITH still have to search the bowels of social media to find bits and pieces of news regarding the news season. Or, in the case of today's news, stumble across it.

I'm an animation director as my "main job" and so I have a particular love for Pixar - but doesn't everyone? Anyhow, one of my favorite current animation directors out there is Andrew Stanton aka the guy who directed FINDING NEMO, WALL-E, and FINDING DORY to name a few. I follow the man on Twitter and looking back through his tweets I found this bit of info.

Andrew Stanton directed two episodes of STRANGER THINGS season 2! Pretty damn cool if you ask me. Here are the tweets and Instagram posts that confirm this news.


Thank you to Dir. Andrew Stanton for bringing your magic to Stranger Things. @astanton65

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Turns out Stanton will be directing Episodes 5 and 6 of the new 9-episode season.

Those episodes for those who missed the teaser trailer last year, are called “The Storm” and “The Polliwog”. The Duffer Brothers are directing episodes 1 and 2, Shawn Levy is directing 3 and 4, Rebecca Thomas - who directed some movie called Electrick Children - is directing the 7th episode ("The Secret Cabin”) and the Duffer Brothers are returning to direct the final 2 episodes “The Brain” and, “The Lost Brother”. 

Does this news of a Pixar director helming a handful of episodes of STRANGER THINGS season 2 make you more excited for the upcoming season or is the choice a bit too "out there" for you? Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Stranger Things Season 2 hits Netflix this Halloween!

Extra Tidbit: Stanton also directed JOHN CARTER.
Source: Twitter



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