Poster for Corin Hardy's Irish folk horror The Woods, starring Joseph Mawle

It seems that leprechauns aren't the only little Irish devils we need to be worried about anymore.

Still in production but having a presence in Cannes this year is director Corin Hardy's THE WOODS has just landed its first poster and we've got it for ya below. Formerly known as THE GOOD PEOPLE, the film concerns the dark fairy-folk The Hallow, evil woodland creatures you'd probably rather not encounter on a dark night that are both feared and respected by locals, and not averse to stealing the odd child to bolster their numbers.

The Irish folk horror stars Joseph Mawle ("Game Of Thrones") and Bojana Novakovic (EDGE OF DARKNESS), with Michael McElhatton (SHADOW DANCER), and A FIELD IN ENGLAND's Michael Smiley. Co-written by Hardy and Olga Barreneche and described as THE STRANGERS meets PAN'S LABYRINTH, the film follows...

...a molecular geneticist who moves with his family to a mill house in the Irish countryside. But lurking in the woods is a horde of demonic creatures, and soon the family must fight for their survival.

Hardy is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut feature at Roger Corman's old studio in Galway, so hopefully we can expect to see a trailer and hear word on distribution soon.

Check out the first poster for THE WOODS below.

Extra Tidbit: Does THE WOODS sound like it has potential to be a creepy good time to you?
Source: Empire



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