Poster for Ryan Gosling's Lost River, starring Christina Hendricks

ryan gosling lost river christina hendricks eva mendes matt smith

Yesterday we hit you with the official trailer for LOST RIVER, the directorial debut of DRIVE and ONLY GOD FORGIVES star Ryan Gosling, and today we've got the official poster for the April release to share with ya.

Sure, the film received a lot of negative reviews following the Cannes Film Festival, but that hasn't lessened my desire to check it out. And after peeping the trailer yesterday, I'm more curious than ever to see what Gosling has delivered with LOST RIVER. The poster below also does a solid job of selling me on this flick.

Starring Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes, Matt Smith, Saoirse Ronan and Iain De Caestecker, LOST RIVER is...

... a dark fairy tale about love, family and the fight for survival in the face of danger. In the virtually abandoned city of Lost River, Billy (Christina Hendricks), a single mother of two, is led into a macabre underworld in her quest to save her childhood home and hold her family together. Her teenage son Bones (Iain De Casestecker) discovers a mystery about the origins of Lost River that triggers his curiosity and sets into motion an unexpected journey that will test his limits and the limits of those he loves.

LOST RIVER will open April 10 for a theatrical run in New York and Los Angeles and will also be available same day via national digital release in the U.S. The film will also be playing as part of the SXSW Film Festival lineup, running March 13 – 21 in Austin Texas. 

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