Poster: Luke Evans keeps Kelly Reilly captive in 10x10

10x10 Suzi Ewing Kelly Reilly Luke Evans

Empire has unveiled the first poster for the upcoming "cat and mouse" thriller 10x10, which stars Luke Evans and Kelly Reilly. The poster can be seen below, and it gives away pretty much the same amount as information as the text synopsis does: this is a movie about Evans keeping Reilly locked up in a 10x10 padded cell.

Written by former Doctor Who companion Noel Clarke, the film marks the feature directorial debut of veteran short maker Suzi Ewing. Evans plays 

a seemingly ordinary guy hiding an obsession for revenge against one particular woman. After kidnapping her in broad daylight, he locks her in a soundproof cell where he hopes to extract a dark secret from her past.

10x10 is said to be aiming for an April 13th release in the U.S., so a trailer should be following close on the heels of this poster.

There's not much to go by here, but I'm intrigued by 10x10 and interested in finding out what this dark secret is that drives the story. We'll keep you updated as we learn more and the film's release date approaches.

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Source: Empire



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