Producer Asko Akopyan joins John Fallon's Heretic; will shoot in Armenia

As you can imagine, one of the upcoming films all of us here at AITH are looking forward to checking out as soon as possible is our namesake John Fallon AKA The Arrow's second feature film as director. The historical action/thriller is called HERETIC and acts as Fallon's follow up to his killer debut flick THE SHELTER starring Michael Paré.

And today we have awesome news. Not only have we learned the film will be shooting entirely in Armenia, but it also turns out former talent agent turned international film producer Asko Akopyan of Oscar Gold Productions (see above pictured with HERETIC star Paul Sloan) has just joined Fallon’s HERETIC team as lead producer. 

Asko had this to say about joining the project: 

After speaking with the director John Fallon and hearing the passion and enthusiasm he had for Heretic, I read the script and realized that this is the perfect project for me to once again take back to my home country of Armenia and film it there in its entirety. I'm excited to help produce this thought-provoking and powerful story. 

Writer/Director John Fallon had this to say: 

When it feels right, it feels right. Asko is a smart and driven Producer, a problem solver and I’m beyond elated to have somebody with his know-how with us. And it should be said that shooting in Armenia is a dream come true for this film. I was floored when I was shown all that the country has to offer in terms of locations. Let me put it this way: we won’t have to build any sets. All that we need is there – and authentic to boot. 

The film is set to star Paul Sloan (NATION'S FIRE, VIGILANTE DIARIES) and Mark Lawson (ONE LIFE TO LIVE) and begins 

When two Templars are sent home after losing the second Crusade, they are forced to battle a slew of varied enemies, the pity-less elements, and their own inner demons while trying to elude a mysterious assassin who is hunting them down.

HERETIC was written by Karim Cheriguene (HORSEHEAD) and John Fallon (AMERICAN MUSCLE, THE SHELTER). Marc Natoli of Natoli Productions (THE PROPOSAL) is co-producing alongside Fallon’s Bruise Productions banner and JoBlo Movie Productions. You can follow the film via its official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. The film is now slated to shoot entirely in Armenia come early 2019. 

Extra Tidbit: How likes Templar movies?
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