Raimi, Del Toro, and Blum are producing shows for Quibi

Pan's Labyrinth Guillermo Del Toro

Last month, we learned that Sam Raimi is producing an anthology series for a forthcoming subscription short-form video platform that was being called NewTV at the time. Since then, the name of NewTV has been changed to Quibi (combining the words "quick" and "bite"), and a couple other notable, horror-related names have made deals to produce shows for this service that's coming to us from Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman.

As previously reported, Raimi's Quibi show is called 50 States of Fear, which gives the idea that it's going to be showing us horrific happenings that take place in all fifty states of the U.S. 

Meanwhile, Guillermo Del Toro (that's his movie PAN'S LABYRINTH pictured above) is working on a show that Katzenberg described as "a modern zombie story".

Also on the Quibi train is Jason Blum, who is developing a FATAL ATTRACTION-esque project called WOLVES AND VILLAGERS.

Katzenberg and Whitman have secured $1 billion from multiple entertainment companies to get Quibi up and running. While Katzenberg is focused on getting the content for the service, Whitman is working on building up subscriptions.

Quibi won't be launching for at least another year. When it does, it aims to provide entertainment in "bite sizes", thus its name. Quibi is looking to pay $150,000 per minute for shows that have episodes that run under 10 minutes long - so that's probably how long (or short) we should expect the episodes of these shows from Raimi, Del Toro, and Blum to be.

THE EQUALIZER director Antoine Fuqua is also developing a Quibi show, but that one is outside the realm of horror-thrillers. Fuqua's idea is said to be a modern version of DOG DAY AFTERNOON that has "two great acting roles".

Subscriptions to Quibi will run $5 for the version with ads or $8 for an ad-free experience.

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