Random company plans on making Evil Dead 4; Sam Raimi sues

Talk about interesting timing...

Mere minutes after passing you the press release stating that the EVIL DEAD remake is officially shooting in New Zealand, I was directed to an article in the Hollywood Reporter about a demonic legal battle that's brewing over an EVIL DEAD sequel. Not necessarily a sequel to the in-production remake - an EVIL DEAD 4 that's apparently being worked on by some random production company!

As it's a complicated tale, I'll let THR give you the set-up:

Renaissance Pictures, formed in 1979 by producer-director Sam Raimi, producer Robert Tapert and actor-producer Bruce Campbell for the purpose of making the first film, is suing Award Pictures, which says it plans to make a fourth film in the series. This potential coming film allegedly is interfering with Raimi's plan to make his own sequel for Sony Pictures and FilmDistrict.

But Award Pictures isn't laying down. The company is using Raimi's comment in a 2000 book that he would never do a sequel as proof that the "Evil Dead" trademark was abandoned. The company now says it is the primary trademark holder of the film title.

Essentially, this company "Awed Pictures" is using a comment uttered by Raimi and Tapert in the the 2000 book, "The Evil Dead Companion" - in which they said they're "never going to do a sequel" - as their main argument. For Awed Pictures, the comment is proof of "abandonment," and hence they're simply moving forward with their own EVIL DEAD movie.

The name of that movie? EVIL DEAD 4: CONSEQUENCES... Somehow, I don't think we're ever going to see EVIL DEAD 4: CONSEQUENCES.

That said, if Raimi gets his way, it's obvious that he's already looking forward to making a new EVIL DEAD 2 sometime in the future.

For the entire article, complete with baffling legal mumbo jumbo, head on over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, if you WERE going to randomly make an EVIL DEAD sequel on your own, wouldn't you be able to come up with a better subtitle than CONSEQUENCES?
Source: THR



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