Resident Evil perfume and body spray is a real thing

This is not a drill, folks. Capcom has actually, really, legitimately, truly, unequivocally decided to release a Resident Evil-based perfume. Designed to be sold at the gift shop of Capcom Cafe in Saitama, Japan, this novelty item will hit shelves next week, along with a body spray designed to look like the healing spray used in the games.

One can only imagine what it must smell like 1) as a cash-in video game novelty product and 2) as a f**king Resident Evil perfume. Rotting corpses? Blood and latex? Bean bag sweat? If anybody has access to the Capcom Store, please write in and let us know, because otherwise it might just haunt my dreams.

Plus, the perfume is branded as the T-Virus, the ailment which started it all. I don't know about you, but I'd feel a little nervous about allowing that anywhere near my body, fictional or not. You can see the perfume bottle design (which actually ain't bad) above and check out the body spray below!

Extra Tidbit: Would you ever in a million years buy this?
Source: The Wrap



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