Robert Englund is the Skull Collector in new pic from Alex Aja VR anthology

I've tried to get into the whole VR thing. Last year so hard that I went out a bought the right phone, the right app, the damn headset and everything! ...And the whole mess sits in my closet unused as we speak.

This is because the headset is just too damn uncomfortable to wear for long (movie-length) amounts of time. That said, I do plan to give my expensive toys another go once HAUTE TENSION director Alexandre Aja's new VR horror anthology CAMPFIRE CREEPERS hits the Oculus Store this Halloween.

Until then we can look forward to Mr. Robert Englund's inclusion in on of the tales - which we already told you about HERE - but today we have news that the character Englund plays is called The Skull Collector, which is the coolest name you'd imagine Robert Englund sporting in an Alex Aja project.

Englund gave us our first look at the newly-named character yesterday via his Twitter account, and you can check it out below. After giving it a look make sure to hit us up on social media and let us know what you think of VR and Alexandre Aja's CAMPFIRE CREEPERS on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Check out The Skull Collector:

Looks good to me!


A new virtual reality horror anthology series created by Alexandre Aja with Casey Cooper Johnson and Martin Andersen "invites the viewer to join the fire circle at Camp Coyote as a group of campers take turns telling scary stories, each one leading you on an immersive ride into your darkest childhood fears."

The first episodes of CAMPFIRE CREEPERS are set to hit The Oculus Store this Halloween.

Extra Tidbit: I'd watch a whole series of just this character already.
Source: Twitter



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