Rodman Flender assembles cast for teen zombie movie Eat, Brains, Love

Angelique Rivera Supernatural

A few months ago, we learned that IDLE HANDS director Rodman Flender is taking the helm of a cinematic adaptation of author Jeff Hart's teen zombie story EAT, BRAINS, LOVE. Now the companies behind the film - Gunpowder & Sky, DIGA Studios, and Full Fathom Five - have announced that Flender has assembled the cast that will help him bring the story to the screen.

Starring in EAT, BRAINS, LOVE are Jake Cannavale as lead character Jake, Angelique Rivera (pictured above) as his crush Amanda, and Sarah Yarkin as teen psychic Cass. 

Scripted by Mike Herro and David Strauss, the film has the following synopsis: 

The good news: Jake’s dream girl, Amanda Blake finally knows his name.

The bad news: It is because they both contracted a mysterious zombie virus and devoured the brains of half their senior class.  Now Jake and Amanda are on the run from Cass, a teen psychic sent by the government’s top-secret Necrotic Control Division to track them down.  As Jake and Amanda deal with the existential guilt of eating their best friends and set off in search of a cure for the zombie virus, Cass struggles with a growing psychic dilemma of her own – one that will lead all three of them on an epic journey across the country and make them question what it means to truly be alive. Or undead.

Also in the cast are Jim Titus, Patrick Fabian, Ty Headlee, Kristin Daniel, and Kym Jackson as characters named Tom, Alastaire, Chazz, Grace, and Summer, respectively.

I really enjoyed Flender's IDLE HANDS, so I'm excited to see him dealing with teenage zombies again with this film. (I also enjoyed his LEPRECHAUN 2, but unfortunately EAT, BRAINS, LOVE doesn't seem to feature any leprechauns.) We'll keep you updated as this one continues to move forward.

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