Scope out the spooky new trailer for found-footage thriller Greystone Park

It's a good day for fans of found-footage flicks. The last time we reported on Sean Stone's GREYSTONE PARK back in 2011, the film was simply called GRAYSTONE. Now, having changed the title, the faux-documentary thriller is finally upon us with a September release date. You can check out a brand new trailer below.

Back to October '09, as a trio of filmmaking friends break into Greystone Park, an abandoned asylum, to explore whether or not they believe in the supernatural. But legend has it that anyone who ventures into the hospital will lose their mind. And the young trio will now have to suffer the consequences of their journey into a mysterious realm of escaped patients, ghosts, and demonic "shadows". What comes out of this adventure is a haunting tale of the supernatural, made all the more startling because it is real.

GREYSTONE PARK stars Oliver Stone, Bruce Payne, Monique van Vooren, Pete Antico, Monique Zordan, Antonella Lentini and John Schramm. The flick hits VOD on September 13th, with a DVD release to follow on October 16th. You can preorder it HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Sean Stone is the son of director Oliver Stone.



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