Sean Hood finally gives an update on the state of Rambo 5

Way back in August, Eric spoke to Sean Hood about the status of RAMBO 5 aka RAMBO: THE LAST STAND. Sean had stated that he had met with Stallone a few times, worked out some details and that Millennium Films had hired him to get down on paper Stallone’s vision.

Since then we’ve heard next to nothing, well today that has changed. I think there is a bit of optimism in this next bit, in the hopes that this film will happen. Sean sent out the follow tweet: “Rambo 5 on hold as Sly finishes Expendables 2. He hasn't decided if R5 will be an 'Unforgiven' or a 'passing of the torch.’”

I guess once Ex2 is completely done for Stallone, he’ll get cracking on what he wants with this. I assume he’d go and shoot THE TOMB with Arnie, while the fine details get worked out for RAMBO 5 and then perhaps after that it may shoot? This is all my speculation of course, but hey it makes sense right? Not sure if I’d want to see a ‘passing of the torch’ because who other than Stallone could handle the role, or a John Rambo type? I like the ‘Unforgiven’ idea more, but I guess that is just my personal tastes. Hopefully we’ll hear more on the film once Stallone is good and ready.

RAMBO (2008) star Julie Benz

Extra Tidbit: What do you like the sound of better, an 'Unforgiven' type RAMBO film or a 'passing of the torch'?



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