Session 9 director Brad Anderson to direct serial killer film Jack!

Anyone out there as big a fan of Brad Anderson as I am?

I seriously love this guy's work. Not only did he give us the exceptional haunted asylum flick SESSION 9 back in 2001, he culled one of the best performances out of Christian Bale's fine career in 2004's THE MACHINIST. Hell, I even dug TRANSSIBERIAN. Well, what I could decipher of it anyway.

Looks like I'm about to become an even bigger fan! Variety has just issued a bit of news that Anderson has taken the reins of a serial flick known as JACK, from a script by David Venable (FORTRESS, A FACE TO KILL FOR). Wanna hear what this joint has to offer? Read on...

A doctor falls for a patient suffering from memory loss, completely unaware of the victim's violent history as a methodical serial killer. As his memories being to surface, Jack begins to piece together the fragments of his past and realizes his true identity.

Has shades of "Dexter" meeting MEMENTO, which, if proven true, could be all kinds of awesome!

JACK is set up at Bold Films, with an August 30th start date.


Extra Tidbit: Even Anderson's out of genre flicks are good. NEXT STOP WONDERLAND and HAPPY ACCIDENTS are examples of such. What's your favorite Anderson flick?
Source: Variety



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