Sexy/creepy new photos from Here Comes the Devil

Adrian Garcia Bogliano's HERE COMES THE DEVIL is heading our way next month; we've already seen a couple of effective trailer for the supernatural horror film (check out the red-band version HERE), so let's now take a gander at some fresh stills released by Magnet, the North American distributor.

A couple's preteen son and daughter inexplicably reappear after being lost overnight on a desolate, cave-riddled mountainside. Becoming withdrawn and beginning to exhibit strange behavior, their parents quickly assume something sinister happened to them while missing and alone.


But after hearing an ominous local legend, the concerned mother and father begin to realize that their children may have fallen prey to something inhuman - and that this dark, unstoppable evil has now returned home with them.

Even though our own Jake Dee didn't care for the film, buzz has general been good. HERE COMES THE DEVIL finally arrives in theaters and on VOD December 13th.


Extra Tidbit: Are you going to welcome this DEVIL into your home?



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