Sharknado 3 production halted, may miss July debut

The last two summers, Syfy has given their SHARKNADO films late July debuts, but that may change for SHARKNADO 3 if conditions on the production remain as they are. And said conditions aren't good: the crew has gone on strike.

Today marks the second day in a row work on the spoofy sequel has not proceeded; as Deadline tells it, approximately 40 crew members walked off the job Monday in search of a union contract. The production and post crew are seeking a health and pension agreement, and their terms have evidently not been met by producers The Asylum or Syfy.

The project has just moved into the post-production phase, and while the visual effects in these films have thus far been less than stellar, they're still present in practically every scene. A delay in getting those sharks swarming in the sky could mean Syfy will be forced to postpone the film's debut. As an insider told Deadline, "CGI takes time and Sharknado 3 will have to be pushed back by Syfy... If this thing goes on for more than a week, there is no way all the effects will get done in time.”

No word on whether the sharks are seeking new contracts of their own.

Source: Deadline



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