Silk Spectre aka Malin Akerman is the villian in Rampage w/ Dwayne Johnson

Malin Akerman is best known around these parts for starring in the horror comedy THE FINAL GIRLS, and as the chick who cheats on "the blue guy" with Patrick Wilson's Nite Owl II in Zack Snyder's take on the Alan Moore graphic novel WATCHMEN

Silk Spectre is nabbing the last major role in the Dwayne Johnson RAMPAGE movie. New Line's adaptation of the classic 80s arcade game. She will be joining the cast which includes Naomie Harris, Joe Manganiello, Marley Shelton, Jake Lacy, P.J. Byrne, Jack Quaid, Matt Gerald and Breanne Hill.

Variety reported that "details about Akerman’s character are unknown", but THR is reporting that Akerman will play the movie's villain "a calculating head of a tech company that is behind the monsters." 

Who to believe? Do you even care?

Like the video game, the film will feature three creatures — a monstrously transformed gorilla, crocodile and wolf — who wreak havoc on North American cities and landmarks.

Maybe Akerman is being type-cast and she will play the girl who has sex with the gorilla to make the crocodile angry. That sounds about right.

RAMPAGE begins shooting this April in Atlanta and is scheduled to hit April 20, 2018.

Told ya.

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Source: THRVariety



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