Stephen King's Mercy attracts two more actors, find out who!

What was the last good Stephen King adaptation?

Hopefully MERCY is, the newest translation of King's work, this one based on the short story "Gramma" that British director Peter Cornwell is helming. Variety has it that two new actors have been cast in the flick, Shirley Knight and Chris Browning (the latter seen right sporting an oh so sweet 'stache). Details on their specific parts were not given.

That said, we do know the story follows two young boys who go with their single mother (Frances O'Connor) to take care of their elderly, senile grandmother named Mercy, only to discover that she's a witch who made a pact with a dark force many years before.

We also know that Dylan McDermott, Frances O'Connor, Chandler Riggs and Joel Courtney are also onboard. Matt Greenberg adapted the screenplay from King's short.

Browning appeared in COWBOYS & ALIENS, starring Olivia Wilde

Extra Tidbit: Cornwell directed THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT, the sequel for which is due soon.
Source: Variety



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